Maximize your child’s tennis experience.

Crosscourt Consulting provides families with the knowledge and framework necessary to navigate the youth, junior and collegiate tennis systems effectively and with confidence.


Crosscourt Consulting provides families with the knowledge and framework necessary to navigate the youth, junior and collegiate tennis systems effectively, including WTN, UTR, ITF and the ITA. Our goal is to help families design a master plan that includes key benchmarks in a player’s tennis development through proper goal setting, tournament planning, periodization schedule and developmental planning. Combined, these items ensure a proper and progressive pathway to maximizing your child’s ranking and rating. With an evolving competitive system, Crosscourt Consulting will act as your encompassing resource and advisor in managing the complex choices of becoming a successful competitive player.

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Just Getting Started?

Is your child just starting his/her tennis journey? Let Crosscourt Consulting help you navigate, plan and monitor the critical early steps in assisting your child to grow and love the sport through proper guidance, planning and mentoring.

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This includes understanding:

  • The USTA system
  • Net Generation (PlayTracker)
  • Key benchmarks
  • Selecting a training program
  • Selecting a private coach
  • The advantages of group and private coaching
  • Understanding and selecting the correct equipment
  • The advantages of playing multiple sports
  • What competition systems and formats are appropriate for a new player
  • How many matches are appropriate for your child to play in a calendar year
  • How to register for tournaments and sectional play
  • USTA Early Development Camps
  • Parent resources and tennis education

We will provide you with information to answer these questions and many more associated with your child’s entry into the sport of tennis.

Ready to Compete?

Now that your child is enjoying playing tennis, taking lessons and training, it’s time to explore the competitive options. The competition pathways for your child are vast. The competitive formats, competitive structures, and commitment levels vary based on age and skill level. This is where Crosscourt Consulting can help you design a flexible and goal-driven program to maximize your child’s tennis experience.

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This includes but is not limited to:

  • Determining the correct level of play
  • Understanding the points per round system and point per match events
  • Understanding the difference between ratings and rankings and the importance of both
  • How many competitive matches should your child play in a calendar year
  • Understanding Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR) and the World Tennis Number (WTN)
  • When should your child play up an age group
  • The importance of doubles and how it impacts a singles ranking
  • How to qualify for sectional and national events
  • The pros and cons of high school tennis
  • Training options, what’s the best environment for your child
  • Online schooling options as a tennis player
  • How a developmental plan streamlines player development
  • What is a periodization schedule and why your child needs one


Rankings, Ratings, National and International Play

Once a player is entrenched in the competitive junior tennis system, understanding the ranking and rating systems is a crucial component to maximizing opportunities and advancing to the next level. Crosscourt Consulting will help you understand the USTA national competition system, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) system, Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR), the ITF/USTA World Tennis Number WTN, and the Tennis Recruiting Network (TRN).

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This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Levels 1, 2 and 3 national events
  • ITF Tour
  • UTR competition
  • ITA Summer Circuit
  • USTA Tennis: All 17 USTA sections operate under one unified competitive system. This includes the level of events, points per round, WTN, and more. Crosscourt Consulting will help you strategize and navigate the system so your child can maximize their tennis experience. Crosscourt Consulting will educate you on:
    • How PPR rankings are accrued
    • When your child “ages up” vs when they should play up
    • How a players ranking affects acceptance into sectional and national events
    • How seedings are determined at tournaments, both sectional and national tournaments
    • The UTR and WTN algorithm
    • And much more
  • International Tennis Federation (ITF): The ITF is the governing body of junior and professional events around the world. ITF events operate under their own entry, ranking, and competitive rules. The ITF is the gatekeeper of World Tennis Number (WTN). ITF events are a pathway to a junior world ranking. The ITF pathway is vastly different from the USTA system. Crosscourt Consulting will help you understand:
  • The difference and timelines between the qualifying and main draw process
  • Entry deadline and withdrawal dates relative to ITF events
  • The required IPN number
  • Rules
  • And much more
  • Universal Tennis Ratings: Universal Tennis is a worldwide rating system that offers tournament play opportunities from entry level play, to professional prize money events. Crosscourt Consulting will help you understand:
    • How your child’s UTR rating is calculated
    • The algorithm for UTR
    • What does and doesn’t count for your UTR
    • Why and how coaches, academies, and college teams use UTR
    • And much more
  • Tennis Recruiting Network (TRN) rankings: The Tennis Recruiting Network is a site that ranks players independently of the USTA. If your child wants to play college tennis, the TRN is one of the most important places to be represented. TRN is based on head to head ranking system and ranks players within their national graduating class. TRN awards points based on the quality of a win. College coaches of all divisions use TRN to follow a players progress and success.Crosscourt Consulting can help you understand:
    • How your child becomes ranked by TRN
    • Why college coaches look at these rankings
    • The algorithm used
    • And much more

We look forward to working with you.



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